Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bold Prediction- Obama Approval Ratings will rise in next ten days

I'm predicting that President Obama's approval rating will go up, at least 3 points and possibly more, over the next ten days.

We like our politicians more when they aren't showing up on television reminding us of how much they are doing to help us. Call it the John Lynch Popularity Model. He was extremely popular when he wasn't doing anything. This year, he's actually had to govern, done it badly, and is seeing his support erode.

President Obama has also sabotaged his signature initiatives, especially the ObamaCare debacle, by putting himself in front of the issue on every occasion. Now that's he's going on vacation for ten days, he won't be holding any awkward and pedantic press conferences or lying about AARP's endorsement at Town Hall meetings. This has to be good for his image.

As of Friday, Rasmussen has Obama's approval ratings at -8, 31% to 39%. I predict that by September 2nd, which will give the full vacation time to make its way into the poll, his approval rating will be up to at least -2. Then, he can come back to Washington and resume eroding his popularity.

Friday, August 7, 2009