Friday, February 29, 2008

Grant on NH Taxpayer Radio

Grant says that Paul Hodes was wrong to oppose the Surge, and he's wrong now.

NHTR Clip 1

Grant explains why the next Congress will be the most important for Second Amendment rights in a generation.

NHTR Clip 2

Grant argues that the strength of the American economy comes from people, bot government.

NHTR Clip 3

Grant says that bipartisanship is overrated, unless it's backed up by sound principles.

NHTR Clip 4

Grant quotes Mel Thompson to make a point about taxes and spending.

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Bosse Returns to Close Up, Opposes Increases in Health Insurance Mandates

(Manchester) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse returns to WMUR’s “Close Up New Hampshire” program this weekend. The veteran radio journalist was a frequent guest on the program’s “Reporters Roundtable” during his tenure as Program Director at WTSL in Lebanon. Bosse is the first of four candidates in the Second Congressional District to be interviewed over the next two weeks.

State Senator Bob Clegg is the second candidate interviewed, and the two Republicans had very different answers about how to lower health care costs. Bosse is seeking free market solutions to increase patient choice, while Clegg called for increased health insurance mandates.

“Senator Clegg and I have very different ideas on how to make health care more affordable,” Bosse added. “I want to reduce government interference in your health care decisions, while he wants to bring back Jeanne Shaheen’s failed health insurance mandates.”

The wide-ranging interview with WMUR’s Scott Spradling covered Bosse’s career as local journalist, his years at the State House, and his five years on the staff of U.S. Senator John Sununu. Bosse also outlined his ideas for reducing federal spending and curbing illegal immigration.

“I’m the only candidate in this race with Congressional experience,” Bosse said during the interview. “But to quote Ronald Reagan, ‘I promise not to use my opponents’ youth and inexperience against them.’"

"Close Up New Hampshire" airs Sunday morning at 10:00am.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taxpayer Radio Is On The Air

I was a guest this evening on New Hampshire Taxpayer Radio. Two hours of wholesome, small government goodness.


Hour 1

Hour 2

I'll try to edit down the juicy bits for the On the Air page on the website.

Even the "Virtual" Fence isn't happening

Paul Hodes voted against funding the security fence along our southern border. He says a virtual fence will stop illegal immigration. But the Washington Post reports today that even the virtual fence isn't working.

Only by actually building an actual fence can Congress convince the American people that they are serious about addressing illegal immigration.

Fact and Fiction in the Union Leader

Remembering William F. Buckley Jr.

Defining a 17.5% budget increase as fiscal responsibility.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

College Republican Recap

The New Hampshire College Republicans recap my recent appearance at Dartmouth.

Bosse Reacts to Passing of William F. Buckley Jr.

William F. Buckley Jr. was a giant of the American conservative movement. He will be remembered both for the strength of his ideas and the force of his personality. For half a century, his writing helped shape conservative thought. He will be missed, but his legacy lives on in the pages of National Review, and in the hearts of those who fight for small government and personal responsibility.

Reflections on Reaganism

First published in the Messenger, February 1, 2008:

February 6th would have been Ronald Reagan’s 97th birthday. When I first wrote about Reagan’s legacy over a decade ago, conventional wisdom held that the Gipper was an affable and charming leader; the Great Communicator, who used his skills as an actor to guide America through the upbeat 80’s. I argued at the time that Reagan’s legacy had more to do with his substance than his style; more to do with his ideas and conviction than with his warmth and humor. Now, nearly twenty years removed from Reagan’s time in office, history has taken note of his greatness.

I’m gratified that Ronald Wilson Reagan’s place in history has grown over the years, because I’m a bit biased. I’ve been a Reagan fan since I was seven. I got the afternoon off from school to go see the former Governor of California at a campaign stop in downtown Hillsboro. Growing up around the First in the Nation Primary has its perks. I remember shaking the hand of the man who would be one of America’s greatest Presidents. In fact, the campaign poster he signed for me that day has followed me from job to job over the past fifteen years, slightly faded over the years, but still inspiring.

My admiration for the man grew as I grew to understand the ideas Reagan promoted. He spoke of freedom not as a cliché, but as a basic right of all people and a guiding principle for government. He stood up to an Evil Empire, and challenged it to tear down the wall that trapped millions in tyranny. He renewed America’s faith in itself, and was never ashamed about the economic, political, and military strength that we possess. He always saw America as a shining city on a hill. And he relied on this strength to win the Cold War, as he knew that the Soviet Union could not hope to match our combination of freedom, democracy, and capitalism.

As we mark Reagan’s birthday, remember the anecdotes; asking the doctors removing an assassin’s bullet if they were all Republicans, and later telling Nancy that he forgot to duck; promising Walter Mondale not to use his opponent’s youth and inexperience against him; and reminding Nashua Telegraph Editor Jon Breen that “I paid for this microphone.” Remember Reagan’s charm. Remember Reagan’s humor. But please, remember the core values that Ronald Reagan promoted, and the strength of character he showed by sticking to them.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Paul Hodes, opposing the Surge last January:

"There is no reason to believe this will accomplish anything productive,"

Paul Hodes, on the House floor, calling the Surge "too little, too late."

Paul Hodes, wrong then, wrong now.

In the News: Valley News

Chasing Hodes

The latest Republican to enter the GOP primary for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District -- which includes Nashua, Keene and the Upper Valley -- is well-versed on the politics of Washington, and the region.

Grant Bosse, a 35-year-old Hillsboro Republican, has been serving as an aide to U.S. Sen. John Sununu until earlier this month, and also has strong ties to Dartmouth Republicans, having graduated from there in 1994. Bosse in a phone interview yesterday whipped through his three-plank platform -- defending the nation, securing the borders, and cutting taxes and regulation -- and also said he was prepared to criticize incumbent U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes, a Concord Democrat, for voting for Congressional earmarks.

“He talked about reform, but there hasn't really been any reform,” said Bosse.

He also said the four-way primary, which includes state Sen. Bob Clegg of Hudson, is hardly unusual for the GOP, noting that Charlie Bass won a 9-way primary in his 1994 bid for the seat.

Bosse, the son of former state House majority leader Leigh Bosse, said he opposes abortion rights, as does Clegg. Bass was a social moderate, and University of New Hampshire political science professor Dante Scala said the district has become increasingly Democratic in its voting patterns.

“It will have to be a very good Republican year nationally for the Republican nominee to have a good shot at taking down Hodes,” Scala said. “Hodes hasn't gotten himself into any trouble, he's raised a lot of money, and it’s a district that fits him well.”

But Bosse, the former program director at Lebanon-based WTSL radio, said he regards it as a “very independent district” that saw local Republicans alienated by the direction of the national party over the past six years.

“We need to get those Republicans as excited to vote as the Democrats who showed up for Obama were to vote,” Bosse said.

John P. Gregg can be reached at

Grant Rocks Hanover

Grant joins old radio partner Chris Garrett on the Rock n Go Morning Show on 99 Rock in Hanover.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Campaign Snapshot

Hillsboro Republican Breakfast with Sherriff Jim Hardy

At the Keene Sentinel with Publisher Thomas Ewing

At Morse's Sporting Goods with Jim Morse

Addressing the Dartmouth College Republicans

WTSL radio Your Turn with Terri Dudley

Breakfast in Bennington

Started the day in Bennington, with stops in Nashua, Amherst, Milford, Hillsboro, and Concord, weather permitting. Drive safe.
Update- Wow, that's a real storm out there. Central New Hampshire Republican Women canceled tonight.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Video Diary: Grafton County GOP

Off and Running

Welcome to the official campaign blog of Bosse for Congress. It's been a great first week on the campaign trail. I've already logged over 1,000 miles in the BosseMobile, and visited with voters in Lebanon, Littleton, Nashua, Keene, Concord, Hillsboro, Hanover, Plymouth, and New London.

I'm excited to be campaigning throughout New Hampshire, and will be updating everyone on my travels through this blog. Check back often for updates.

Coming soon... video diaries and our brand new webpage at