Friday, February 29, 2008

Bosse Returns to Close Up, Opposes Increases in Health Insurance Mandates

(Manchester) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse returns to WMUR’s “Close Up New Hampshire” program this weekend. The veteran radio journalist was a frequent guest on the program’s “Reporters Roundtable” during his tenure as Program Director at WTSL in Lebanon. Bosse is the first of four candidates in the Second Congressional District to be interviewed over the next two weeks.

State Senator Bob Clegg is the second candidate interviewed, and the two Republicans had very different answers about how to lower health care costs. Bosse is seeking free market solutions to increase patient choice, while Clegg called for increased health insurance mandates.

“Senator Clegg and I have very different ideas on how to make health care more affordable,” Bosse added. “I want to reduce government interference in your health care decisions, while he wants to bring back Jeanne Shaheen’s failed health insurance mandates.”

The wide-ranging interview with WMUR’s Scott Spradling covered Bosse’s career as local journalist, his years at the State House, and his five years on the staff of U.S. Senator John Sununu. Bosse also outlined his ideas for reducing federal spending and curbing illegal immigration.

“I’m the only candidate in this race with Congressional experience,” Bosse said during the interview. “But to quote Ronald Reagan, ‘I promise not to use my opponents’ youth and inexperience against them.’"

"Close Up New Hampshire" airs Sunday morning at 10:00am.