Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Future of the NH GOP

Former Governor John Sununu and State Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen joined Sean McDonald this morning on WMUR's Close-Up to discuss the future of the New Hampshire Republican Party:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:


nmignanelli said...

Are you going to run again? I hope you are, you did so much to build NHGOP this year. Please continue your work as a grassroots campaigner and old fashion barnstormer.

nmignanelli said...

Grant I hpe you run again, you did so much to build the NHGOP this year. Please cntinue your grassroots campaigning and old fashion barnstorming.

Grant Bosse said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I'm very proud of my campaign, which brought needed energy and ideas to the New Hampshire Republican Party. It's way too soon to talk about 2010.

Rest assured, I will remain active and involved. My work at the Josiah Bartlett Center will ensure that free market principles are part of the discussion in Concord.

Anonymous said...

Sununu seems to get it and doesn't seem like he would tolerate RINOs but I am ashamed that Fergus stated we had no credible candidate for governor!

Joe Kenney was about as good a candidate as any one could get. He is much more articulate than Lynch, had a good grasp of the issues and has a perfect record and family life.

I am not sure why any GOPer worth his or her salt would vote for the mumbo jumbo Lynch who can't even put a sentence together and has the backbone of a jellyfish.


PS_ Grant was the best one of the candidates in his district.... I am sick of people not knowing the issues.

Anonymous said...

ALso it was not Fergus who picked up 17 seats but grassroots orgs like GOP Liberty Pac, CNHT, and NHLA that got these people elected!