Saturday, November 15, 2008

Speaking Out: Four Years Later

After four years without leadership, someone is finally starting to hold John Lynch accountable for his popular but directionless reign as Governor:
John Lynch is "the worst governor the state has ever had," former Gov. John H. Sununu told members of the Seacoast Federated Republican Women meeting yesterday in Portsmouth.

Later, explaining his opinion to a reporter, Sununu cited a $250 million state budget deficit; what he called the erosion of family values in the last legislative session; and Lynch's failure to persuade lawmakers from his own party to vote for his constitutional amendment on education.

"A deficit that size is huge and makes it impossible to do anything else worthwhile," Sununu said. "The deficit and the education issue are the two biggest issues in New Hampshire."

Lynch has never shown real leadership, has repeatedly been streamrolled by the extreme spenders in his own party, and has consistantly avoided making any decision that might risk his own popularity. I'm glad Governor Sununu is addressing New Hampshire's mounting financial trainwreck head-on, and John Lynch is driving the train.

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