Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bosse Puts Corporate Welfare on the Chopping Block

“50 Days, 50 Ways” Targets OPIC

(Concord) Republican Grant Bosse has added another $63 million to the amount he’d save taxpayers. Bosse is naming a specific cut to the federal budget every day until the September 9th Republican Primary. Today’s program on the chopping block is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a corporate welfare program that gives taxpayer dollars to companies capable of competing on their own.

“OPIC is a poster-child for wasteful spending in Washington. Conservative and liberals are calling for its elimination, but Congress won’t listen,” Bosse said. “If we want our economy to recover, we have to let companies succeed and fail on their own, without political interference.”

Bosse has already proposed more than $22.8 billion in specific spending cuts to the federal budget. At debates in Nashua and Salem, his Republican opponents were unable to name a single federal program they would cut.

“We need to win back the trust of taxpayers, and that means doing more than talking about controlling federal spending,” Bosse added. “I’ve made a real commitment to cutting the federal budget down to size, and I’m confident New Hampshire voters will recognize that commitment on Tuesday.”

To date, Bosse has proposed more than $22.8 billion in taxpayer savings by eliminating unnecessary federal programs. To learn more about Bosse’s aggressive grassroots campaign, go to

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