Thursday, September 4, 2008

From the Eagle Times

Steve Smith from Charlestown writes in the Claremont Eagle Times about why Grant Bosse has earned your vote in Tuesday's Republican primary.

We always tend to get swept up in campaign rhetoric and "message". It has become an art form, that few actually understand. All the candidates would like to improve health care and reduce taxes... but how?

Fortunately for us regular people, there is one clear choice in the District 2 Congressional race. Grant Bosse was the first of the five candidates to publish a detailed energy policy. He put his five years of experience writing policy for Senator Sununu to good use. Grant Bosse was the first candidate to unveil a detailed health care plan.

Most importantly, while other candidates talk in broad strokes about the concepts they believe in, and the things they'd like to accomplish, Grant Bosse has already gone to work. He has proposed $30 billion in specific cuts to the federal budget. No other candidate has done this.

I'm voting for Grant Bosse because I don't have to guess what he's going to do. He's laid it out plain and simple. This isn't "change you can believe in". It is solid, concrete, and understandable. No "belief" is required. Just look it up and see for yourself.

Please join me in voting for Grant Bosse. He is the only candidate that seems to understand that it isn't federal money, it's my money. It's your money and Grant Bosse has laid out a plan for how to stop wasting it.

Steven Smith


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