Saturday, September 6, 2008

Horn Busted on Oil Drilling

The Associated Press has busted Jennifer Horn's claim that she has pushed for expanded oil drilling since the start of her campaign.

The candidates also have sparred on the issues, with Bosse criticizing Clegg's "big government health care mandates" and Horn's "lack of details and commitment" on energy policy and other issues. In a televised debate Thursday involving all but L'Eplattenier, Bosse claimed to have set out his plan calling for more U.S. oil drilling, refineries and nuclear plants ahead of his rivals and accused Horn of arriving late to the same conclusions.

"Now she's in favor of drilling and I applaud that, but we need real leadership from people who don't wait for gas to hit $3.50 or $5 a gallon before they decide we need to put American resources in American gas tanks," said Bosse, 36, of Hillsboro.

Horn, 44, of Nashua, insisted she has been clear about supporting drilling as a part of achieving energy independence and referred to her first press release, which says only that she would "work with Democrats and Republicans to develop a long-term energy solution that makes sense and actually helps working families." In June, she issued another release saying she supported lifting the ban on new offshore drilling.

Horn says it herself at the Concord City Republican Committee meeting in February...

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