Monday, September 1, 2008

Horn Flip-Flops on Earmarks

Leaves door open to corrupt "process"

(Milford) Republican Grant Bosse chided Jennifer Horn for leaving the door open to earmarks. Despite months of campaign rhetoric against earmarks, Horn told the Concord Monitor Editorial Board that the current "process" might require support for earmarks.

"Faced with tough questions, Jennifer Horn's commitment to fight earmarks has crumbled," said Bosse. "Like Paul Hodes two years ago, Jennifer Horn has left the door open to earmarks, and shown that her commitment to cutting spending is nothing but talk."

When asked by the Concord Monitor Editorial Board whether she would support an earmark for a New Hampshire hospital in need of help, Horn said "I understand that people who are in Congress today have a process that they have to live with. . . . I understand that." Horn has also refused to sign the "No Earmarks Pledge". Bosse was the first candidate in the Second District to sign the "No Earmarks Pledge", and has since been joined by Jim Steiner.

"If Jennifer Horn's commitment against earmarks can't withstand the pressure of the Concord Monitor, how can it withstand the pressures of Congress?" Bosse asked. "Jennifer Horn's commitment to fighting earmarks is nothing but the same rhetoric we heard from Paul Hodes two years ago; nothing but talk."

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