Monday, September 8, 2008

From the Nashua Telegraph

Reporter Al McKeon summarizes the Second District race in the Nashua Telegraph:
Far-reaching differences are rare, but memorable. For instance, the candidates have sparred over earmarks, the controversial process in which members of Congress secure spending for pet projects, usually in their home states.

Clegg said he doesn't oppose earmarks – differing from Bosse, Horn and Steiner – but rather, wants them approved through individual floor votes to ensure transparency. Horn, particularly, has used Clegg's remarks as a platform to stand out on government spending, saying he doesn't "understand the problem."

Meanwhile, Bosse has criticized Horn for saying she opposes all earmarks despite recently showing limited support for the process in a recent Concord Monitor interview. As a campaign theme, Bosse has told voters that if they expect money from earmarking, they shouldn't cast a ballot for him.

Bosse, a former environmental and energy policy aide for Sen. John Sununu, touts that he has the most detail-oriented plans for the 2nd District. For example, the 35-year-old Hillsboro resident offers a list of 50 federal programs he'd like to cut, including public television and milk subsidies.

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