Friday, September 5, 2008

Contempt for Taxpayers

The City Council of Concord has joined their counterparts in Manchester is showing contempt for taxpayers:
Concord city councilors voted last night not to place a proposed tax cap on the November ballot. Instead, councilors decided to postpone action on the matter until officials in the attorney general's office, the secretary of state's office and the Department of Revenue Administration decide whether the language in the proposed tax cap conforms with state law.

The council's decision means that, if those state officials deem the language valid, the city would have to hold a special election on the proposed tax cap.

Putting the Tax Cap on the November ballot would give the largest and fairest representation of voter opinion, and would hold City Councilors accountable to the will of those voters. Apparently, Councilors in both Concord and Manchester would rather be subject to such restrictions. They know better than us, after all.

Postponing the Tax Cap referendum is a naked attempt to undermine its chances, pushing such a vital question to a low-turnout special election where city employees can be counted on to vote for higher spending, while taxpayers are at work.

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