Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you

Thank you. It was an honor and a privilege to seek the Republican nomination in New Hampshire's Second Congressional District. Thank you to everyone who lent me their encouragement and support. Last night's results showed that we were simply not able to communicate our message of smaller government and personal responsibility to the voters of New Hampshire. I remain convinced that it is still the right message for the Republican Party, and I will work as hard as ever over the next eight weeks to help spread that message for John McCain, Sarah Palin, John Sununu, Joe Kenney, Jennifer Horn and our entire Republican ticket.

Throughout this campaign, I've insisted on providing the voters with real ideas on national security, border security, and economic security. I've provided 50 ways to cut the federal budget. And I've nearly driven my poor car into the ground criss-crossing New Hampshire from Pelham to Pittsburg. I've proud of our campaign, and glad for the chance to share my priorities for this nation with old friends and new.

Please join me at our Unity Breakfast Friday morning at 7:30 at the Yard in Manchester to support our Republican team. And please keep informed and involved over the next eight weeks as we work to secure New Hampshire's crucial four electoral votes for John McCain and Sarak Palin, re-elect Senator John Sununu, and replace the free-spending Democratic machine with our low-tax, low-spending Republican team.

Thank you and God Bless,
Grant Bosse

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Bosse,

It is obvious that you worked very hard on this campaign and came up with many good ideas. Thank you for you willingness to serve and for your continued commitment to conservative ideals and to the people of New Hampshire.