Friday, May 9, 2008

Death by Government

The thugs that run Burma (renamed Myanmar by the thugs) continue to murder their citizens:
YANGON, Myanmar - Myanmar's military leaders seized aid shipments headed for cyclone survivors and told the top U.S. diplomat there Friday that they're not ready to let in American aid workers despite warnings the country is on the verge of a medical catastrophe.

Another 4 inches of rain was forecast to fall next week as more than 1 million people waited for food, clean water, shelter and medicine to reach them. Diplomats and aid groups warned the number of dead could eventually exceed 100,000 because of illnesses and said thousands of children may have been orphaned.

The U.N. World Food Program said two planeloads of supplies containing enough high-energy biscuits to feed 95,000 people were seized Friday, prompting the world body to say it was suspending aid flights.

As we've seen in Africa, in the Middle East, and again in Burma, the greatest threat to a people's safety and prosperity is a government that steals their freedom.

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