Monday, May 12, 2008

Exercising Our First Freedom

Thanks to the Gun Owners of New Hampshire, who hosted their annual Legislative Range Day at the Pelham Fish and Game Club. I had a chance to use several firearms for the first time, including the M-1 Garand and an elephant gun. I also shot some more familiar models, from the 9mm to the AR-15, and even a Barrett .50 caliber. That had a little kick to it.

I managed to do pretty well on the cowboy action course, hitting 10 out of 11 targets. My time was a little slow, so I doubt I'll be taking home any trophies. Oh, and we got to fire the two pound Revolutionary War era cannon.

While I certainly had a great time on the gun range this afternoon, I was also happy to spend the day talking with gun owners, about the Second Amendment, about their desire to exercise their constitutional rights of self-defense, and about the need to nominate candidates who understand the importance of these rights in maintaining our democratic society. As much as I support hunting and target-shooting, the Second Amendment isn't there for recreational purposes. It is a civil right, guaranteed under our Constitution, and designed as the first and last line of defense against a hostile government. It is vital that we understand these stakes, and that's why I'm confident in seeking the support of gun owners from across New Hampshire.

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