Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hodes Continues to Block Border Security

Bosse Urges Hodes to Support His Own Bill

(Hillsboro) Republican challenger Grant Bosse today called on Congressman Paul Hodes to back up his supposed support for border enforcement. Hodes has refused to help bring the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act (SAVE Act, H.R. 4088) to the House floor, despite being one of the bill's co-sponsors. Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes the legislation, and has buried it in committee without debate or an up or down vote.

“Paul Hodes wants New Hampshire to believe that he supports border enforcement, but his support for Nancy Pelosi always comes first,” Bosse said. “If Paul Hodes really wanted to secure the border, he could back up his empty promises with some real action.”

The SAVE Act would provide an additional 8,000 border patrol agents, fund border security improvements, and expand the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism along the northern and southern borders. 181 House Members have already signed a discharge petition to bring the bipartisan immigration bill to the House floor. 218 signatures are needed, but Hodes has so far refused to sign. If brought forward, the bill would easily pass.

“Nancy Pelosi has abused power to block terrorism surveillance, to kill trade agreements that would help American manufacturers, and now to prevent tougher border enforcement,” Bosse continued. “Paul Hodes has done nothing to stop her, and New Hampshire will remember his misplaced priorities this fall.”

For more information on Bosse's campaign, go to www.Bosse2008.com.

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Steve Smith said...

No debate? So much for the "most ethical Congress in history". Ya know, when you're right, you never fear transparency. People should be concerned about this action regardless of which side of the issue they are on.