Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hodes Votes for Higher Food Prices

Backs Bloated Farm Bill Wasting $300 Billion

(Hillsboro) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today blasted Democrat Paul Hodes for his support of a wasteful and bloated Farm Bill that will continue to push food prices even higher. Bosse issued this statement following House passage of the five-year, $300 Billion Farm Bill on Wednesday night:

“Our current farm policy subsidized millionaires, discourages family farms, drives up food prices, and distorts America’s trade policies. It is entirely indefensible. But Paul Hodes has now voted to make it even worse, extending subsidies for millionaires, many of whom never set foot on a farm.

“This bill also provides taxpayer giveaways for race horse owners, offers incentives for farmers to plant crops in flood plains, and even includes an earmark for America’s largest private landowner, the $7 billion Plum Creek Timber company of Montana.

“New Hampshire families should remember Paul Hodes priorities when they pay for more bread and milk at the supermarket.”

Grant Bosse is basing his campaign for Congress on free market principles and limited government. Find out more about Bosse’s campaign at


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