Monday, May 12, 2008

Mail More Expensive for You, Still Free for Hodes

Bosse calls on Congressman to Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

(Nashua) As the price for a first-class stamp rises once again today, Congressman Paul Hodes continues to abuse taxpayer dollars to send out partisan mailing for free. Hodes has repeatedly used money from his Congressional office to send out letters to benefit his re-election campaign. Today the cost of a first-class stamp went up from 41 to 42 cents.

“Today mail is more expensive for us, but it is still free for Paul Hodes, and he needs to stop abusing the federal franking privilege,” said Bosse. “Paul Hodes is trying to buy our vote with our own money, and it’s time he stop wasting our hard-earned dollars.”

In his time in Washington, Paul Hodes has been one of the leading supporters of wasteful government spending, and blatant and repeated abuses of taxpayer money. In addition to using his Congressional office to produce campaign propaganda, Hodes has offered to use the Congressional Record for letters meant to aide his re-election effort. He also has been one of the most aggressive supporters of federal earmarks.

“Paul Hodes has shown he has no respect for taxpayers, or our hard-earned money,” Bosse continued. “Whether it is with his support of earmarks, franked mail, or abusing the Congressional Record for political gain, we can’t afford another two years with Paul Hodes in office.”

Bosse’s campaign is centered on freeing the economy from earmarks and over-regulation, winning the war against Islamic Fascism, and securing our borders. For more information on Bosse’s campaign, go to

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Steve Smith said...

Everyone, repeat after me... "It's my money." There is no such thing as government money. Once during a debate over the effect of tax cuts and "lost revenue", Fred Thompson commented "The revenue isn't lost. It's in the taxpayers' pockets. They know where it is." Thanks Grant for continuing to point out that it's my money.