Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bosse Clear Winner at Cheshire County Debate

Injects humor, passion, and expertise to first Republican debate

(Keene) Grant Bosse was the clear winner at tonight's debate among the candidates for the 2nd Congressional District Republican nomination. The event was held at the Keene Public Library, sponsored by the Cheshire County Republican Committee, and moderated by former New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Heed. Bosse brought his unique humor, passion and expertise to the debate, providing the most detailed answers to each of the questions posed by the three-person panel. Bosse particularly distinguished himself on a question about the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies. After Jennifer Horn blamed the falling dollar on business taxes, and Jim Steiner blamed it on high energy prices, Bosse took both to task.

"You're both dead wrong," said Bosse. "The value of the dollar is falling because we're printing too many dollars."

Bosse went on to outline the Federal Reserve's role in setting interest rates, and advocated a more limited role for the central bank. Bosse also addressed such issues as energy policy, immigration, and the war in Iraq, providing more detailed and responsive answers than any of the other candidates.

Tonight's debate comes just hours after Bosse released his comprehensive health care plan, calling for Congress to get out of the way and allow consumers to make their own health care decisions. For more information on Bosse's campaign, go to

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