Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome Back, Senator McCain

As state Democrats continue to distort John McCain's record of public service, Grant Bosse issued the following open letter welcoming the Arizona Senator and Republican Presidential Nominee back to the Granite State in this guest post on Granite Grok:

Dear Senator McCain,

Welcome back to New Hampshire, the state that sent you on your way to the Republican nomination, and the state that will help you become the next President of the United States.

I don’t always agree with you. And that’s a good thing. Because I know where we agree and disagree. You’ve taken the rather revolutionary view that voters deserve to know where you stand on the important issues facing this country.

This stands in stark contrast to your presumed opponent, Senator Obama. He has adopted Jimmy Carter’s policies, Al Gore’s knack for self-promotion, and John Kerry’s talent for being on every side of every issue.

One area where Senator Obama has been clear about his preferences has been federal spending. He wants more of it. His billion dollar promises have ballooned into a trillion dollar agenda; one that will greatly increase not just the federal government, but the tax burden on American families, and the crushing debt on future generations. And Senator Obama is unwilling to even address the mounting challenges to Social Security and Medicare.

You have led efforts to cut wasteful federal spending, and as President would abolish the corrupt earmark system once and for all.

In meeting the challenge to keep America safe, the choice between you and Senator Obama is even clearer. As American troops in Iraq paid the price for our failure to change strategy and tactics in the face of a changing threat, you were an often lonely voice calling for more boots on the ground. You realized that the only way to bring American soldiers home was to give them the tools and support to complete their mission. Senator Obama declared that the “Surge” couldn’t possibly work, and refused to support it in the Senate. This stands as the only major foreign policy decision he has been forced to make, and it was completely wrong. In the only test of his abilities as Commander in Chief, he failed.

I salute your willingness to buck both conventional wisdom and political fortune to do what is right. As President, I know you will remain committed to keeping America safe and build on the progress we have made in helping Iraq rebuild from forty years of tyranny.

Thank you again for your continued support for the Granite State. Be assured that New Hampshire appreciates you. And America needs you. Good luck and God speed,

Grant Bosse

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