Monday, June 16, 2008

From the Eagle-Tribune

The Eagle-Tribune reports on Grant's letter welcoming Senator John McCain back to New Hampshire for last week's Town Hall Meeting:

Congressional hopeful welcomes McCain back to N.H.

John McCain returned to New Hampshire last week for a Town Hall meeting in Nashua, and while some Democrats seized on the visit as a chance to rip the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Bosse was quick to welcome the Arizona senator back to the Granite State.

In his open letter to McCain, which he posted on the conservative blog Granite Grok, Bosse praised McCain for his willingness to say what he believes and stand up for it.

That, he said, is in stark contrast to McCain's Democratic opponent, Barack Obama.

Obama, Bosse said, "has adopted Jimmy Carter's policies, Al Gore's knack for self-promotion, and John Kerry's talent for being on every side of every issue."

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