Sunday, June 1, 2008

From the Eagle-Tribune

Sunday's Eagle-Tribune discusses Congressman Paul Hodes' attempt to pander to voters about gas prices by using tax dollars to promote carpooling, as well as Grant Bosse's stance for a real energy program to lower gas prices:

Hodes' carpooling proposal draws fire

Hodes held a press conference in Concord last week to announce that he plans to introduce legislation to help New Hampshire commuters struggling with the high gas prices...

Bosse said if Hodes is serious about addressing gas prices, he should start by undoing the damage some of his votes have caused.

By blocking access to domestic reserves, blocking the construction of new refineries, and voting to expand the use of ethanol, Bosse said, Hodes has contributed to the high price of gasoline.

"We are paying a price for Paul Hodes' failed policies every time we fill up," he said.

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