Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Horn abuses non-profit to raise campaign cash

WMUR and the Union Leader report on Jennifer Horn's use of a non-profit Washington foundation to raise campaign funds, in violation of IRS rules. Grant Bosse has asked Horn to cancel this event, and ensure that the group's tax-exempt status is protected:

CONCORD – Two Republican candidates for Congress exchanged charges yesterday over a fundraising dinner GOP hopeful Jennifer Horn plans on Tuesday.

Grant Bosse accused Horn of breaking campaign finance laws by inviting Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies to be the featured speaker the event.

Bosse said federal tax laws clearly state that a tax-exempt non-profit cannot involve itself in a political campaign.

Horn contends that Gartenstein-Ross is coming to raise money for her on his own, with no connection with his work for the Foundation. Yet the FDD sent Gartenstein-Ross on Horn's radio show eight times over the last year, and Horn has been using the Foundation's name and Gartenstein-Ross's position with it to promote the event. If Jennifer Horn wants to use Washington-based think tanks to raise money, she shouldn't be trying to sneak a non-profit group through the back door into a New Hampshire election.

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