Thursday, June 26, 2008

Highlights from the first Debate

The New Hampshire Press noted Grant's stellar performance in last night's Candidates Debate in Keene.

From the Keene Sentinel:

We're going to agree on 80 percent of the issues 80 percent of the time, but that other 20 percent is so important," Bosse said. "That 20 percent is the difference between victory and defeat; between recreating, rebuilding a conservative, Republican majority in this state and in this country, and between another Democratic tsunami like 2006."

From the Concord Monitor:

The candidates agreed that government's role in bailing out the troubled loan market should be limited, if not nonexistent.

"The worst thing government can do is bail people out of bad decisions and create the next housing bubble," Bosse said...

Near the end of the debate, the candidates were given a chance to criticize Hodes, a Concord lawyer. They were asked to name the most irresponsible thing he's done during his first term in office.

"There's just so many choices," joked Bosse, who got the most laughs of the night. He went on to cite Hodes's support of a $300 billion farm bill that Bosse said has driven up the price of food. Farmers are planting too much corn for ethanol, he said, which means they're not planting other crops, such as wheat.

"Hey, it makes beer more expensive," he said, to laughter.


The candidates began the forum stating the reasons why people should vote for them.

"We're going to choose the message of the Republican Party when we choose the messenger," Bosse said. "I'm the only candidate to put together a conservative message."

We'll post video highlights from the debate soon.

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