Monday, June 23, 2008

Dispatch from Hillsboro

It's not often I can walk from my home to a campaign event, but I did tonight in Hillsboro. Thanks to Mike and Gloria Reopel for hosting a Candidates' Night for my campaign, and give people from my hometown a chance to meet some of the Republicans running for office this year.

Walt and Bonnie Morse did a great job organizing the event, and getting candidates from up and down the ballot to attend. Thanks to our gubernatorial candidate, Joe Kenney, who gave a great speech, highlighting his underdog campaigns for State House and State Senate. We need his focus on spending, and his leadership, in Concord.

Thanks to Matt from the McCain campaign and Jay from Team Sununu for showing the flag, and letting people know how to sign up for those campaigns.

And thanks to Pam Coughlin, Carol Holden, Bob Fredette, Dave Fullerton, and Larry Elliot for taking a few minutes to talk about their campaigns. I was pleased to use some our of campaign's time and energy to help build the Republican ticket this fall. After the primaries, we're going to need each other to win in November.

Tonight was a special night for me, and I'm so proud to be representing Hillsboro as a candidate for Congress.

-Grant Bosse

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