Monday, March 31, 2008

Bosse Takes Earmark Pledge

Urges Fellow Republicans to Follow

(Hillsboro) Republican Grant Bosse today pledged to refuse seeking earmarks if elected to Congress, and urged his fellow Republicans to take a similar pledge.

“Congress is addicted to earmarks, and the only way to kick the habit is to go cold turkey,” Bosse said. “Paul Hodes campaigned against earmarks, but started asking Nancy Pelosi for them once he got elected.”

Earmarks are special projects attached to federal legislation at the request of individual Congressmen, often at the eleventh hour with no public debate or oversight prior to a vote. Congressional leaders often use procedural hurdles to prevent these secret projects from being removed from spending bills. The grassroots organization FreedomWorks is asking all candidates for Federal office to take a similar pledge.

“Earmarking is out of control in Washington. Efforts to reform earmarks have failed. It’s time to end them,” Bosse concluded. “Paul Hodes is a lost cause, but today I ask my fellow Republican challengers to swear off earmarks.”

For more information and a list of federal candidates who have taken the pledge, go to

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