Friday, March 14, 2008

Hodes Sets Record; Votes for Largest Tax Increase in History

UPDATED with audio.

(Washington, DC) Congressman Paul Hodes set a record this week by voting for the largest tax increase in American history. Republican challenger Grant Bosse says the tax hike is a direct result of Hodes support for runaway federal spending.

"Paul Hodes has shown no respect for taxpayer dollars. The budget he approved will increase taxes by $683 billion next year," Bosse said. "That's going to cost New Hampshire taxpayers $3200 apiece."

The Pelosi Budget that Hodes supported will increase current taxes on families and senior citizens, reduce child tax credits, and reinstate the Death Tax, which alone will cost American taxpayers over $180 billion. The Pelosi Budget also contains over 11,000 earmarks, costing
$16 billion next year.

"This Congress has lost control of the federal budget. Now they want to raise taxes on children, seniors, and working families to pay for this spending spree," Bosse added. "Paul Hodes said he was going to change Washington. He didn't tell us that it would be by raising taxes more
than anyone in history."