Monday, March 24, 2008

Hodes Flips Back on Iraq

(Concord) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today called out Democrat Paul Hodes for switching his position on Iraq twice in the same week. Last week, Hodes changed his Iraq strategy by calling for Iraqis to "step up" before U.S. troops could be withdrawn from the region. Yesterday on WMUR's "Close Up New Hampshire" program, Hodes switched back to calling for an arbitrary deadline for U.S. withdrawal.

"Less than a week after changing his tune on Iraq, Paul Hodes has rejoined the 'retreat and defeat' chorus," Bosse said. "I feel sorry for Paul Hodes. Public opinion is shifting on this issue, and it's tough for a pandering politician to keep up."

Hodes has a history of contradictory statements on Iraq:
• In July, 2006, Hodes promised not to withhold funding for "troop safety and security" and said equipping the troops was "the highest priority", but voted against an emergency troop funding bill in 2007.
• During his campaign, Hodes said "I want a new direction" in Iraq, but then belittled General David Petreaus's proposed "Surge" strategy as "too little, too late."
• In July, 2006, Hodes said it was simplistic to set a "date certain" for withdrawal, but on WMUR, Hodes again called for just such a deadline.

"We are making progress in Iraq and globally in the war against Islamic fascism. Paul Hodes wants to give up on that progress," Bosse concluded. "New Hampshire deserves a Congressman whose opinions on national defense don't shift in the political wind."

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