Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hodes flip-flops on Iraq

Paul Hodes has flip-flopped on Iraq. He still is pushing for defeat and standing in the way of victory, but his reasons have changed.

It's frustrating to see Hodes continue to put the daily talking points he gets from Nancy Pelosi ahead of our national security.

Yes, Congressman, we want our troops to come home. But you have played games with their funding, and refused to support their mission. You have consistently pushed for a retreat from the frontlines of our battle with Islamic fascism, and you have supported an ill-conceived strategy that would destabilize the Middle East and leave the region at the mercy of our most extreme enemies.

Paul Hodes was wrong when he called the surge "too little, too late," he was wrong when he said we should give up the progress we've made by surrendering the field to the enemy, and he's wrong now.

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