Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Liveblogging from the McCain Town Hall in Exeter

3:20 And we're back. You may not agree with what John McCain stands for, but you'll certainly know what it is. The clarity of ideas at a McCain event is so superior to what you hear from either Senator Clinton or Obama. Change. For the children.

Great event. Senator McCain took the stage accompanied by New Hampshire co-chairs Peter Spaulding and Nancy Merrill, and Senator Joe Lieberman. He made some brief remarks, but spent most of the time answering questions from the audience.

I wanted to ask a question, but someone else covered just about everything I wanted to ask. Earmarks? Get rid of them. Taxes? Lower them, simplify them, and make the tax cuts permanent. Health care? Improve access and affordability through choice, and not mandates.

Great event. Presidential visits are always fun. Now it's back on the road, heading to the Belknap County Republican Committee Meeting.

2:12 John McCain is in the building.

2:04 Maureen Barrows has informed us that Senator McCain is about 15 minutes away.

1:57 Very close to getting started. I might not be back at the keyboard until after the event, and McCain has been known to take questions for a long time.

1:54 Very warm reception for Charlie Bass. I think a lot of Republicans who stayed home on Election Day are having buyers remorse every time they see Paul Hodes in action.

1:41 John Stephen and Jeb Bradley are both working the room. That's going to be a good race. I've known both of them for a while, and both really know their stuff. I met Jim Forsythe the other day as well, and he is exploring a run. Haven't seen him here yet.

1:38 Sweet Caroline. Good times never felt so good. SO GOOD! SO GOOD!
We should put out a "Sweating to the Rallies" CD with the same 20 songs you hear at every one of these events.

1:26 Standing room only.

1:11 Jennifer Horn is here as well.

1:00 Doors are open, and people are starting to come in. It's going to get crowded in here.

12:25 Students for Saving Social Security has a large contingent here today. Glad to see some people giving John McCain the credit he deserves for taking on this issue.

12:20 At least as long as my battery holds out.