Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hodes Flip Flops on Iraq

Bosse Urges Hodes to support American victory

(Newport) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today challenged Paul Hodes
to defend his inconsistent record on Iraq after the Democrat shifted his
position on this issue yet again.

"For the last year, Paul Hodes has insisted that American troops retreat
immediately in order to force the Iraqis to fend for themselves," Bosse
said. "Now Paul Hodes says the Iraqis have to step up in order for
American troops to come home. His position on Iraq is an inconsistent as
his support for our troops."

During last year's debate over emergency spending for ongoing operations
in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hodes supported an earmark-laden bill pushed by
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and opposed efforts to trim the unrelated
spending. When Senate Republicans insisted on a clean military funding
bill, Hodes voted against it. During House debate over General David
Petraeus's proposed "Surge" strategy, Hodes belittled the idea as "too
little, too late."

"The only spending bill Paul Hodes has ever opposed was for ongoing
operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that the mission he opposed is
succeeding, Paul Hodes is changing his tune," Bosse continued. "We
deserve a Congress that supports our troops every day, and not just when
public opinion shifts in their favor."

Bosse issued his challenge at the beginning of a two-day campaign swing
through Sullivan, Grafton, and Coos Counties.

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