Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We dedicated the Hillsboro Post Office this afternoon to Officer Jeremy Todd Charron.

Jeremy was a year or two behind my in school, and while we weren't especially close, our families know each other very well. His brother Andy was an instructor up at Pierce Lake, where we took swimming lessons every summer. The Charron family has been an important part of Hillsboro for all my life. Bob Charron ran the Bank of New Hampshire branch in town, served as a Selectman, and is truly one of the pillars of our community. Fran Charrron's role, while less public, was no less active. It's not hard to see where Jeremy learned his values.

Jeremy was truly dedicated to serving his community, state, and nation. He was a Marine. He was an Officer with the Epsom Police Department. And one August morning more than ten years ago, he was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Jeremy was an extraordinary young man, and I was honored to know him. What has always struck me is not just the sacrifice he made during what should have been a routine check on a parked car. It's that every routine stop for our police officers carries the same risk. Every day, these dedicated men and women go to work at their own risk. They accept this danger to keep us safe.

Senator Sununu joined us today for the ceremony. At the request of the Hillsboro Selectmen, he introduced legislation to name the Hillsboro Post Office for Jeremy Charron. I was working in his Senate office at the time, and can attest to the time and energy that John personally used to guide that bill into law. President Bush signed the bill the day after Christmas. I was home in Hillsboro with my family, and it was one of my proudest days working for the Senate.

We remember Jeremy by hanging a plaque at the Post Office. From now on, when the people of Hillsboro check the mail, they might glimpse that plaque. Bob Charron hopes we will think of Jeremy, but also of the men and women across our country who take the same risks every day. I will also remember the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps playing the Battle Hymn of the Republican in the Hillsboro-Deering High School Gym.

Today, we remember Jeremy Todd Charron not just for his ideals, but for the dedication to put those ideals into action. That morning ten years ago, we lost not only a great young man, but also all the days with him between then and now, and all his days to come.

Thank you, Jeremy.

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