Saturday, March 29, 2008

Germany to Boycott Beijing Olympics

German Chancellor has announced that she will not attend the Beijing Olympics this summer.

As pressure built for concerted western protests to China over the crackdown in Tibet, EU leaders prepared to discuss the crisis for the first time today, amid a rift over whether to boycott the Olympics.

The disclosure that Germany is to stay away from the games' opening ceremonies in August could encourage President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to join in a gesture of defiance and complicate Gordon Brown's determination to attend the Olympics.

I'll admit that I'm undecided on how to treat the Olympics in light of China's oppression of its own people. The latest calls to boycott have come in light of China's crackdown in Tibet, but the Communist government has routinely abused and oppressed its people since coming to power.

Do we boycott in protest, or attend with the intention of highlighting the regime's unacceptable behavior?

I'm not sure if either course would embarrass the Communist rulers in China to change their ways.

What do you think? I've posted a new poll.

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Tom said...

I think that if we go down this road and boycott the games… isn’t it going to upset the Chinese People who will only understand what the Party will tell them ?