Friday, March 28, 2008

Hodes is the last to know on REAL ID

Welcome to the party, Paul.
Paul Hodes is the last one to learn that REAL ID might be a problem.

Congressman Paul Hodes (D-Concord) said, "there are legitimate concerns about the effects of this program and many states across the country have refused to participate in Real ID."

Hodes added that he will seek a Congressional investigation into the impact of the Real ID Act.

"Therefore, I am calling on the House Government and Oversight Committee to hold hearings on the impact of Real ID on the states as well as the serious privacy concerns this law raises."

Really? Hearings? Way to take a stand! "Let's hold hearings!" I had thought opposition to REAL ID was just about the least controversial issue in New Hampshire these days. I'm glad Paul Hodes has finally decided to pay attention to it. Too bad he doesn't know enough to have an opinion yet.

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