Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Build the Fence First

Good news on the border fence, which Paul Hodes voted against funding:

The Bush administration announced today that it intends on busting through the regulatory maze to get the border fence built by the end of the year. Using waivers passed by Congress, the construction will bypass environmental and bureaucratic rules to complete 670 miles of the barrier before Bush leaves office:

Following through on the commitment to build the fence is just the first step towards reforming our immigration system, but a necessary step to restoring the public's belief that Congress is serious about addressing the issue at all.

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Steve Smith said...

This is good news. My grandfather's name was Raphael Diaz (Ralph after going through Ellis island). He came to this country from Cuba, legally, in the 20's. He was proud to be an American. It took him years of studying American History, attending hearings, and learning English to become a citizen. In WW2, he was ineligible to enlist so he chose to serve in the Brooklyn Navy Yard painting warships. This killed him early (lung cancer) in 1971. He never stopped being glad of the path he chose, and never stopped being a proud American. Attempts to "make it easier" for illegals to stay here are a discredit to those who worked hard to do it the right way. Build the fence, enforce the law.