Sunday, April 6, 2008

From the Keene Sentinel

A summary of yesterday's Cheshire County Republican Committee meeting in Keene:

In their addresses, Clegg and Bosse both listed numerous ills plaguing Congress but offered different comments about getting the United States back on track.

As a former New Hampshire Statehouse worker, Bosse - who has also served as a staffer for U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu, R-N.H. - said he's encountered numerous politicians "who've put their name on the ballot for the right reasons ... out of the honest belief that they could be a voice for their community. ...

"I've also seen a Republican Congress lose its way (because of) earmarks and backroom deals," he said. "I've seen the Democratic Congress take over, adopt the same bad habits and even invent a few new ones I didn't think were possible."

Bosse was given a shorter period to speak than Clegg because he was originally slated for an earlier meeting that was snowed out. But, he said, "I think we can do better on national defense, I think we can do better on immigration. I think we can free this economy that's on the brink of recession. ... I believe in free markets, free speech and free people...

...In a separate interview with The Sentinel, Bosse gave more details on his proposals.

"My approach to health care would be more choice, fewer mandates. That's going to drive down costs (and) drive up competition," he said, adding "We can lower the cost of health insurance if people can pay some of their routine medical expenses out-of-pocket."

As for foreign policy - which Bosse labeled "Congress's first responsibility" - he said, "I think we need to follow through on the surge (in Iraq)."

After the forum, several audience members said they liked what they heard."

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Steve Smith said...

We did like what we heard. Bosse's remarks remind us that the American should have the real power. While others talk about "reaching across the aisle" and "getting business done". Bosse is more in line with the Reagan philosophy that whoever has the best ideas, wins.