Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Charlie Arlinghaus is making sense

As usual, in this morning's Union Leader.

To be fair, the mythological version of "Old New Hampshire" may have been exaggerated. The Granite State was not colonized by Milton Friedman and conservative economists didn't sit around pushing a free market agenda. Instead, in contrast to other exploding state governments, we just didn't grow as much.

Our taxes were low because we didn't raise them. When other states passed a sales tax and income tax, we said no. After Gov. Sherman Adams said government needed a broadbased tax, we resisted. Instead we turned to Gov. Hugh Gregg who said let's hold down government spending so we don't have to raise taxes.

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Anonymous said...

Charlie reminds us that thanks to many years of sensible Republican rule, NH gained 1st in the nation status for livability, 2nd for lowest per person taxation and 3rd in education. Despite the heavy tax burdens of the states around us, we have been more prosperous economically as well.

These numbers will be or have already have slipped since Democrats have taken office. Since the Democrats swept in on the wave of ignorance that prevailed in the 2006 state elections (people foolishly thought that our legislature had something to do with voting on war when they do not -- they do NOT go to DC to vote) the Dems have increased spending, raised taxes and have tried to regulate or tax everything from balloons to candy.

The elitist view that more educated people are the ones who prefer bigger government to run and fund everything is just not true. Their ignorance of our past is fast leading to the downfall of this state.

Those smart enough to know NH's history know that by voting Republican in 2008 it may not be too late to preserve all the reasons why NH is the best state in which to live.