Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Roll Call

Roll Call tried to summarize the political climate in New Hampshire, and tried to play up a split in the Republican Party. They asked me to comment:
Bosse said he views Cullen and Wendelboe as having very different missions in the state.

"I think they have different goals right now. Fergus' goal as the party chair, his goal is to elect the candidates we nominate, not set the direction of the party," he said. "Fran, her goal in the Reagan Network is to get back to party principles."

Bosse also said that in order for New Hampshire Republicans to rebound in 2008, candidates need to state their case to voters.

"I think we need to convince the voters that we've counted on, that there's a reason to show up at the polls," he said. "They didn't see much at the polls. They saw the state party drifting. They saw the national party drifting."

Interestingly, they didn't ask me to comment on the charges of favoritism towards Jennifer Horn. Fergus also encouraged me to run early on. No candidate had emerged yet, and he was looking for qualified and articulate Republicans to challenge Paul Hodes.

I'm amazed how much of Horn's campaign is centered on Bob Clegg receiving a legal and fully disclosed contribution from a respected man. It says something about Horn's platform, or lack thereof.

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Steve Smith said...

Neither Horn nor Clegg have a platform. Horn's is a rambling narrative that fails to succinctly address any major issue. Clegg simply does not Have a published "issues" section at all. Bosse and Steiner are the two with clear "issues" sections published, indexed by actual issue. Since I am not yet a Bosse supporter, I'll refrain from comparing the two lest I seem prejudicial. However, if you read them both, the differences are obvious. One is a cohesive set of positions founded in principle. One is not.