Thursday, April 10, 2008

Listen to the Generals

Steve Smith suggested we bump this post to the top so that it's easier to see. Great idea, Steve.

Here is General David Petraeus' opening statement from yesterday's Senate hearing:

As Paul Hodes and Nancy Pelosi continue to search for defeat instead of victory, it's important to give our troops the tools they need to complete the mission we've given them, and give Iraqis a chance to build on the progress they've made in rebuilding their country.

Primetime Politics also has questioning from Senators McCain, Clinton, and Obama.

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Steve Smith said...

We can debate whether the war was a good idea or not forever, but that isn't the point anymore. We have lost lives and spent resources in this war. The question simply is.... are we going to make sure it was worth it or not. Democrats don't seem to get that. Hey, wasn't General Petreaus unanimously confirmed as commander by a committee that Hillary Clinton sits on? Didn't both sides heap praise on him as one of the most brilliant military minds today? Yes people, listen to the General. Armchair quarterbacking is just not productive.