Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From Dartblog

Dartmouth College student Zak Moore shared his thoughts on the appearances by Grant Bosse and others at the recent New Hampshire College Republicans Convention Dinner on Dartblog:

Grant Bosse, Dartmouth class of ’94 and a former advisor to Senator Sununu, spoke about a general malaise in Washington, D.C., a story of a Republican congress losing their way and forgetting the responsibility that came with their power, and the Democrats replacing them who scaled even higher heights of corruption. Bosse spoke about freeing the economy from over-regulation and the promise of recovery when Congress stops trying to help. Bosse, pictured below, resonated with students in reminding them that free speech, capitalism, and the like are not dirty words, but rather fundamental values worth standing up for...

Bob Clegg, a New Hampshire state legislator, stood out among the candidates present at the convention for his nuanced (?) approach to public policy issues. Clegg spoke about earmarks (none for hippie museums in New York, but some for naval bases in Portsmouth), healthcare (no free lunches, but keeping promises like Medicare and Medicaid), and government regulation (only good ones).

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