Monday, April 21, 2008

Dear Congressman Hodes

Paul Hodes has shown a unique willingness to use our money to help pay for his re-election campaign. Last week, he launched the "Voices of the People" program so that he can abuse the floor of the House of Representatives and the Congressional Record for political advantage. I've taken the Congressman up on his offer to read my story on the House floor:
Dear Congressman Hodes,

Thank you for using this opportunity to enter my voice in the Congressional Record. As a concerned New Hampshire resident, I would like to urge you to stop using the powers and privileges of your office for political gain. The funds provided to you by taxpayers are there for you to do your job as a Representative in the 110th Congress, not to secure your place in the 111th.

Last year, you diverted taxpayer funds to the New Hampshire Democratic Party, despite clear prohibitions on using public money for a political purpose.

You then used the politically targeted mailing list you purchased from the Democratic Party to send self-promoting newsletters to New Hampshire Democrats, paying for the mail using taxpayer dollars. Such a blatant abuse of Congress’s franking privilege should not be condoned.

Now, through your “Voices of the People” program, you have decided to use your time on the House floor, and the pages of the Congressional Record, to curry favor with New Hampshire voters and pander to those political supporters you choose to highlight. Such actions fuel the cynicism Americans feel towards their government, and bolster the common belief that our elected officials are more interested in holding on to power than doing their jobs.

Thank you in advance for sharing my thoughts with the country, and preserving them for posterity in the Congressional Record.


Grant Bosse

PS- If possible, could you please let me know when you plan to read this letter on the House floor? I’ll program my TiVo for C-SPAN.

Here is the complete letter that I personally delivered to Congressman Hodes' Washington office today.

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