Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Was World War II a "Good War"?

Pat Buchanan asks that question in this morning's Union Leader. Well, no Pat, no war is a good war, but that doesn't mean some are not worth fighting. Buchanan points to triumph for Stalin and Mao, but doesn't quite get around to arguing that we should have just left Hitler and Hirohito alone.

When Barack Obama ignores the extremists in his own party, like his own minister, we shouldn't let him get away with it. And as Republicans, we shouldn't be shy about criticizing Pat Buchanan and his latest attempt to sell some books.

So, no Pat, World War II wasn't good, but it certainly was worth fighting, and winning. And arguing that the Holocuast was a consequence of the war, rather than ended up Allied victory over Germany, is insultingly wrong.

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