Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First in the Nation!

Great news out of the RNC. Congratulations to Fergus Cullen, Sean Mahoney, and Phyllis Woods, who have been working to preserve our First in the Nation Primary. I'm sure John McCain at the top of the ticket didn't hurt.

Let's hope we get a similar result out of the DNC. After Bill Clinton's tirade, I'm worried. Barack Obama has no real reason to appreciate New Hampshire after blowing a huge lead here, and now the Clintons are dissing the state that kept his 1992 campaign alive.

I have to give full credit to Jim Splaine, Kathy Sullivan, and Ray Buckley, who have worked hard to preserve our status in the Democratic Primary. And of course, Secretary of State Bill Gardiner. Without his credibility, we would not be able to make the strong case we do that New Hampshire has earned its status by being such a tough and fair proving ground for potential Presidents.

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