Thursday, April 24, 2008

From The Citizen

Steve Smith of Charlestown writes in a letter to the editor in The Citizen of Laconia about Jennifer Horn's hypocritical demand for Bob Clegg to return a campaign contribution from a lobbyist, after accepting money from a registered lobbyist in New York State.

Editor, The Citizen: Sometimes, when watching elections, it seems as though the candidates are an unruly bunch of children. "He did it!" "I did not, she made me". It's a little sad.

Paul Hodes ran on a platform of earmark reform, and then used earmarks as his criteria for whether or not he would support our troops via the war funding bill. That's despicable. On the GOP side, Jennifer Horn, in fairly nasty fashion, attacked Bob Clegg for accepting a $1000 donation from a lobbyist. She went on a fairly intense and personal rant against him for being beholden to special interests. Grant Bosse just pointed out that Horn has at least $9000 from lobbyists... New York lobbyists.

Integrity falls to hypocrisy. I just want to be told the truth for a change. Whichever party you're in, please cast a vote for truth and accountability. Put NH first. I support Grant Bosse and I hope you will too.

Steve Smith


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