Sunday, April 20, 2008

From the Nashua Telegraph

Kevin Landrigan of the Nashua Telegraph writes on self-proclaimed front-runner Jennifer Horn's acceptance of a contribution from a registered lobbyist, and later demand that Senator Bob Clegg return his:

Bosse said there's nothing wrong with taking lobbying money, but that it's hypocritical for Horn to rail against it months after she collected nearly twice what Clegg had.

By the way, half of that money from the Ustins can only be used if Horn is the nominee in the general election. No individual can give more than $2,300 to a congressional candidate for a primary.

"Jennifer Horn's empty rhetoric on campaign finance is nothing but talk," Bosse said. "When she said Bob Clegg's contributions were tainted, she neglected to mention the $9,000 in lobbyist money she has already accepted."

"We shouldn't be surprised that our self-proclaimed frontrunner wants other candidates to return lobbyists' contributions while she cashes their checks. Whether the issue has been taxes, earmarks or campaign finance, so far, Jennifer Horn has been nothing but talk."

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