Wednesday, July 23, 2008

50 Days, 50 Ways Goes Nuclear

Bosse Calls for more Nuclear Power Plants, Fewer Subsidies

(Nashua) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today called for an end to an unnecessary taxpayer subsidy for colleges that offer nuclear engineering programs, as well as removing the regulatory hurdles that have prevented the construction of a nuclear power plant in the United States for 25 years.

“The United States needs more nuclear power. It is a mature, safe, and clean source of electricity. What we don’t need is a taxpayer subsidy to colleges to offer programs they would offer without the subsidy,” Bosse said. “Instead, let’s remove the roadblocks that prevent construction of new nuclear power plants.”

The University Nuclear Education Program spends $15 million a year on public and private universities offering nuclear research and engineering programs. Over past ten years, enrollments in these programs have tripled, despite any evidence that the federal subsidy is responsible for the increase. Ending this subsidy would end duplication with the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Research Initiative.

“$15 million a year isn’t a lot compared to our massive $3 trillion federal budget, but if we watch the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves,” Bosse added. “Each and every outdated, wasteful, or duplicative program we cut leaves more money in the pockets of American taxpayers.”

To date, Bosse has proposed more than $6.3 billion in specific cuts to federal spending, and he plans to offer a new program to eliminate every day until the September 9th Republican Primary. To learn more about Bosse’s aggressive grassroots campaign, go to

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