Sunday, July 6, 2008

From the Eagle-Tribune

This morning's Eagle Tribune highlights Grant's opposition of both Paul Hodes' latest election-year gimmick on gas prices, and an announced hike of electricity rates.

No sooner had Hodes announced his proposal than one of his opponents, Republican Grant Bosse, issued a statement calling it an "election-year gimmick." What Hodes should do, he said, is push for veterans to be able to use their benefits at any hospital they choose.

"If Paul Hodes were serious about fixing this problem, he would let veterans use the hospital closest to them," Bosse said. "Instead he keeps them trapped in a system that requires long commutes and fails to provide the best care."

Bosse, a former legislative assistant to U.S. Sen. John Sununu, is running against Steiner, Jennifer Horn and Bob Clegg in the Republican primary for a chance to face Hodes in the general election.

Candidate criticizes PSNH rate hike

Bosse also took issue with last week's announcement that Public Service of New Hampshire would be hiking its electric rates for residential customers.

"New Hampshire continues to pay the highest electric rates in the nation because failed government intervention has driven out market forces and driven up prices," he said in a statement. "By blocking nuclear power plants and putting hurdles in the way of new power lines, our government has forced families to pay more just to turn on the lights. It's time we get Congress out of our energy markets in order to bring down the price of gas, home heating oil, and electricity."

PSNH said rates for a customer consuming 500 kilowatt hours of power will increase $4.39 to $81.80, an increase of 5.7 percent.

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