Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Granite Grok Endorses Grant Bosse!

New Hampshire's leading conservative website, Granite Grok this morning endorsed Grant Bosse for Congress!

Blog co-founder Skip Murphy explains how Grant has earned their support:
If you feel that government is more often the problem rather than a solution, that it costs more than it should, that government is slowly taking your freedom away via taxes, regulations, and laws - then HE'S YOUR GUY!

Murphy is also impressed with Grant's conservative, grassroots campaign, and his use of new media to reach voters across New Hampshire:
We just feel that Grant epitomizes the philosophy, the work ethic, and the knowledge of the Internet that tomorrow's candidates will need - but he is doing it today!

Grant is honored to have earned the support of Granite Grok:
Granite Grok has quickly become one of New Hampshire's leading voices for lower spending, personal responsibility, and open government. I'm thrilled to have earned their endorsement. Of course, endorsements can't replace hard work and a strong, conservative message. I'm going to keep outworking the competition, and proposing a new spending cut in the federal budget every single day.

Grant has launched "50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending", an innovative initiative that proposes a new spending cut every day until the September 9th Republican Primary.

To read the complete Granite Grok endorsement, click here.

Note: Corrected to show Skip Murphy is the "CO-founder" of Granite Grok, along with the indispensible Doug Lambert. Sorry, Doug!

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