Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From the Union Leader

Kevin Ellicott from West Lebanon declares his support for Grant's campaign in this morning's Union Leader:

Grant Bosse offers a refreshing choice

To the Editors: I'd like to thank Grant Bosse for his efforts to give us a choice in representatives in Washington.

Bosse has been direct and honest about where he stands on the issues, and I find myself in agreement with him on the bulk of those issues. I'd ask Republican primary voters to give him a chance to take on Rep. Paul Hodes this fall.

Bosse looks for sensible, free-market-oriented solutions to the problems we face. All we get from Hodes are Democratic National Committee talking points.

On one issue alone you can see the huge difference, Bosse recognizes that the answer to our energy problem is to increase production of all the sources we have at our disposal. His competitor falls behind the crowd that thinks the answers are to sue the Saudi Arabians, tax the oil companies and give away more public money as subsidies to inefficient energy producers (ethanol).

We need a candidate with independent common sense, not just another party politics parrot. Please take a close look at Grant Bosse and if you like what you see, give him your vote in the upcoming primary.

Kevin Ellicott
West Lebanon

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