Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Senator Stevens has long been part of the problem with Federal spending, doling out millions in taxpayer dollars to his home state. Along with Robert Byrd, he is famous for and even proud of his pork-barrel spending and addiction to earmarks. He represents the Washington mindset that Congress can use the Treasury to help secure re-election. I've harshly criticized these practices. In fact, I called for the elimination of two of Stevens' pet projects just last week.

If true, the charges leveled against him today are a blatant breach of the public trust. Neither his past military service nor his seniority can possibly excuse using his office for personal or political gain, or of obstructing the public's right to know of possible conflicts of interest by our elected officials. I continue to be saddened but not surprised at the culture of political corruption in Alaska, and in Washington, D.C.

During the 109th Congress, Grant Bosse served as Staff Director of the National Ocean Policy Study, chaired by Sen. John Sununu. This was a subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee, which Stevens chaired.

GOP senator accused of not disclosing services

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