Wednesday, July 16, 2008

“Clegg’s Law” Increases Health Insurance Mandates

Bosse calls for more competition in health care marketplace

(Concord) Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse today criticized legislation sponsored by State Senator Bob Clegg and which Governor John Lynch will let become state law without his signature. The new bill mandates that every health insurance carrier in the state cover bariatric surgery, an expensive elective procedure designed to provide rapid weight loss.

“This new law will decrease competition, increase mandates, and increase costs for health insurance in New Hampshire,” Bosse said. “By allowing state bureaucrats to micromanage our health care, Bob Clegg’s big government solution will make it more expensive for New Hampshire families to get health insurance.”

Clegg’s push for more regulation and state mandates contrasts with Bosse’s comprehensive Health Care Plan, released last month. Bosse would open health insurance to competition by allowing consumers to purchase insurance plans across state lines. Bosse’s plan also provides veterans with greater access to private doctors and hospitals. Bosse testified against this bill before the House Commerce Committee in April.

“The way to bring down health care costs is more choice, not less. More competition, not more mandates,” Bosse continued. “Bob Clegg wants more government control over your health care decisions. I want Congress to get out of the way.”

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